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Lazara Canton  Picture: Dean Edwards
Lazara CantonDean Edwards

'My favourite place to work is my walk-in wardrobe'

Working Lives: Lazara Canton, 44, mindset healer & author

People who live or work in the West End tell us about their livelihoods. Heather Suttie speaks to mindset healer and author Lazara Canton

Where did you live before the West End? I’ve called Spain, Jersey, Istanbul and Hong Kong my home. I retired from corporate leadership development in Hong Kong in 2020 and relocated to the West End. I have been raising my two-year-old daughter and at the same time regrouping and deciding what work I am inspired to do in the world, and how my talents and skills would best serve others.

How did you come to base yourself here? I'm from Shotts and my husband Simon is originally from Suffolk and lived in London. I say originally as he has lived and travelled all over the world and we met whilst in Hong Kong. It was Simon’s idea to move to the West End. In fact he fell in love with it on a trip here in 2019. He loved the architecture and the vibe and most of all the people.

What does your work involve? As an occupation mindset healer, I work with clients all over the world and across Glasgow. I equip others with the belief and techniques to enable them to become their own fairy godmother. Working in people development and mindset training, I realised over the years that even with successful mentoring, coaching and training, individuals can still be held back by limiting beliefs.

Lazara Canton
Lazara Canton

What ideas are behind your work? I share the secret formula to my success: in using life’s most challenging, heart-breaking moments as a catalyst for change. I share the tools and proven techniques to enable my clients to create a life they love, even in the most dire of current circumstances. I know from my own ( at times tumultuous ) life experi-ence that troubling times in life are there to create powerful change, a momentum that can propel each of us forward to do more and be more in the world.

Where do you work? I work from home and find interesting and inspiring places to base myself, wherever I may be. Ronzio, the little coffee house across from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, is where I spent a lot of time writing a book. I have walked out of there sobbing, due to a realisation about a life lesson or after revisiting a particularly difficult life event. The staff often find me staring wistfully into the distance as I contem-plate the magic of life.


I equip others with the belief and techniques to enable them to become their own fairy godmother.

Lazara Canton


Where else is a favourite haunt? I love Rioja in Finnieston. Although it’s not your typical work venue, I love the food. I would book a quiet table to get stuff done or to join an evening call with a glass of wine in hand and a side of olives. But my favourite place to work is actually my walk-in wardrobe at home. We turned the window half into an office space. With the sash windows looking onto a stunning silver birch, it’s heavenly and the peace and tranquility help me think.

What do you love about being in the West End? I love Kelvingrove Park, my daughter goes to the nursery nearby. As a family, we spend a huge amount of time there. It's so beautiful. Regardless of the weather, I can walk around the park and reset my energy. We were recently in Marbella and my daughter said “Mummy there are no trees. I miss trees!” What she meant is she misses Kelvingrove.

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