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Explore Maryhill's past and present on a free guided bicycle tour this weekend

Maryhill is the location for a free guided bike ride this weekend that will give an insight into the area's past.

U rban explorers are being invited to take to two wheels this weekend to discover Maryhill’s hidden secrets.

A free bike ride has been organised to take people along byways and waterways to learn about the industry, places and faces that are linked with the area.

Learn about the mystery of the Three Tree Well and discover Greek Thomson and Mackintosh architectural designs where you least expect them.

Charity: The event is co-organised by Free Wheel North at the White House Inn.

The gentle ride takes in the Forth and Clyde Canal and River Kelvin. 

The ride is a collaboration between Maryhill Burgh Halls and neighbouring cycling charity Free Wheel North at the White House Inn.

Christine Pont, Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust, said the free, led bike rides were around Maryhill and the surrounding area, and would allow cyclists on the day to discover local history sites which can only be accessed by bike or walking.

She said: ’It's a great way to explore the local history, viewing sites only accessible by walking or cycling'. 

Colin Clark, White House Inn: "Make your bike a time machine, see the city in a whole new way."

The events is on Saturday 18th June at 11am.

Locks: The ride will take explorers along Maryhill's picturesque cycle routes.

Those who want to go along are asked to meet at the White House Inn, 1641 Maryhill Road (by the Maryhill Locks, Forth and Clyde Canal) at 10.30am for an 11am start. 

The led bike ride is free but please let organisers know you are coming in advance. 

To book a spot please email info@freewheelnorth.org.uk. 

Bring your own bike or let organisers know if you would like to borrow one from Free Wheel North. 

For more information about Free Wheel North led bike rides please visit their website:www.freewheelnorth.org.uk. 

For more information about Maryhill Burgh Halls please visit our website:www.maryhillburghhalls.org.uk

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