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Working together to tell your story creatively and in many ways

Local Media Partnerships are our way of advertising and promoting what you do. Packages include many things and are aimed exclusively at a digital audience. Put simply, we want to do as much for you as we can.

Predominantly, people now get their news and information through their phones and smart devices. So that’s where we put you.

We tell your story across our social feeds and channels and we do that in different ways: words, pictures, video, newsletter, and ads. To do all this, we take our time and work with you over several days. And for longer partnerships, we take two weeks.

The partnerships can be flexible and can be made to fit your business and your needs. But we are highlighting three different packages: Feature Story; Campaign Extra; and Content Plus.

Feature story info

Prices start from £220 (Incl VAT) for a collaboration that lasts for four (4) days. All packages include an option for you to boost our content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with up to £100 included in the top package. That premium package involves us working with a partner over 14 days, and costs £450 (Incl VAT).

Packages can include web advertising on our new website www.glasgowwestendtoday.scot, and all include written and digital content as standard, with options for newsletter sponsorship and video.

Our top package sees us creating an edited social media video to run alongside your story.

Campaign Extra info

We think this is a pretty comprehensive package of digital promotion. Editor Ian Marland said: “These partnerships are meaningful and active collaborations. We create several pieces of content and perform a series of social media actions for you.

“We share your story across several platforms that focus on a local audience. The boost that is included ensures that your story is carried by the social media platforms.”

Content Plus info

Glasgow West End Today is a small team. We don’t expect to work with more than three or four partners every month, so please book our time to guarantee our help.


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