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'Buyers are still getting out there and viewing property'

Buyers are still out there and viewing property.

The housing market got off to a somewhat rocky start in 2021 due to lockdown that began on Boxing Day 2020. 

However, after everyone started to find their footing amid the new restrictions, it became apparent that buyers were still very much interested in getting out there and viewing property. 

The main problem we have encountered, however, is simply a lack of properties coming on to the market.

Almost everything we put out there at the moment is getting a large influx of viewers, and this seems to be true across the Glasgow market with other agents as well. 

With fewer properties to view, more and more people are viewing the same things which ultimately results in a greater amount of interest and in most cases, a closing date. 

The figures we have been achieving for clients this year at closing date is astounding, with some properties getting tens of thousands above their valuation. 

This leads to the question, if the market is so strong just now, why aren’t people bringing their properties to the market?

There is, of course, an air of uncertainty at the moment while COVID-19 is still so present in the world. 

'Minimise the risk'

Naturally, people are concerned about opening up their homes to viewers with all that is going on. 

Some agents may take a slightly different approach, but at Walker Wylie we are ensuring viewers attend in parties no larger than two people from the same household, wear masks while in properties and socially distance throughout, in order to minimise the risk to everyone. 

Equally, some people are opting for their agent to carry out the viewings for them, thereby minimising the risk to themselves even further.

Covid is still casting uncertainty over the market
Covid is still casting uncertainty over the market

It’s understandable why people are so hesitant to market just now, but if it’s something you’re on the fence about, be assured that every estate agent is doing their part to minimise COVID-19 risk for sellers, buyers and staff members while still achieving fantastic results across the board. 

As the vaccine rollout progresses and we get closer to lockdown being lifted, we expect more and more people will look at finally bringing their property to the open market. 

Hopefully, this will allow many buyers to breathe a sigh of relief in their search and allow them more opportunities to find a property.

With fewer properties to view, more and more people are viewing the same things which ultimately results in a greater amount of interest and in most cases, a closing date' 

Barry Walker

We can’t be certain going forward of exactly what will happen to the property market as we move further into 2021, but what we do know is that in the face of adversity, agents all over the country have been achieving record breaking prices for their clients and will continue to work to do so. 

If you are considering selling, speak with an expert and have a chat about any concerns or worries you may have. 

Speaking to an experienced agent may give you the confidence you need to feel like you’re ready to push forward with your move.

Walker Wylie. Barry and Stuart
Walker Wylie. Barry and Stuart
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