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Gardening with Martin McCarron  Picture: Glasgow West End Today
Gardening with Martin McCarronGlasgow West End Today

Outdoor spaces: thinking inside out

In Your West End Garden: In association with West End Garden Centre

If any positives have come out of the past two years, one is a new appreciation of our outdoor spaces.

Whether communal or private, now could be a good time to rethink your favourite outside sanctuary.

This area is one I have given a lot of attention to at the garden centre.

Think outside the box

Make more of your outdoor space this summer by bringing the indoors to our outside living space. Nowadays more than ever we view our outdoor space as an extension to our home and there are a few simple techniques to help you create this.

Grow a living wallpaper

Instead of thinking of the borders surrounding your patio as a selection of individual plants think of the border as a living wallpaper for your garden furniture. If you think like this you will position plants in a very different way and it will also open your mind up to using various textures within a flowering border like ornamental grasses. When creating your wallpaper I would suggest using some taller evergreen shrubs at the back to add structure and colour for the later months of summer/autumn.

Martin McCarron owns West End Garden Centre
Martin McCarron owns West End Garden Centre

Have a colour scheme in mind

When you are decorating a room in your home you will usually start with a colour palette and work from that. I suggest doing the same in the garden. Pick two or three colours (usually starting with garden furniture and flooring) and work out from that. This will give you such a stylish and slick look. It is important to tie your living wallpaper in with this to either be a subtle backdrop or perhaps add splashes of the same colours throughout the border. Preparation is key here, pick your theme and stick to it. And remember, pots are a good way to make quick and effective changes in tone and colour.

Pick modern and trendy garden furniture

Garden furniture is looking more and more like furniture you would expect to find in the home thanks to the recent developments of synthetic rattan and outdoor styled rope. This has revolutionised garden furniture and made new shapes and styles possible. The best thing about the suites available now is that they don’t need any maintenance other than being washed down once a year, giving you more time to sit and enjoy your space in the garden. Now relax.

'More than ever we view our outdoor space as an extension to our home'
'More than ever we view our outdoor space as an extension to our home'
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