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Exclusive: Plans for new bus route to link Knightswood with Byres Road & Hyndland

Residents urged to voice their views as part of a public consultation on the plans.

City councillors and MSPs are working with First Bus to re-establish a direct bus link between Knightswood and Byres Road.

The proposal under discussion extends the 94 route, which currently runs from Knightswood to the Maryhill Shopping Centre.

The extension would include Hyndland and Byres Road.

Bill Kidd, MSP for Anniesland, said: “Preliminary steps have begun in determining whether this change will be officially accepted.”

Knightswood and Hillhead used to be linked by the 4/4A service, but First Bus cut it last October claiming the service had become uneconomical due to low passenger numbers. Now the 4/4A starts in Broomhill.

 Destination: A new route would link Knightswood with Byres Road.
Destination: A new route would link Knightswood with Byres Road.

The withdrawal of the bus left Knightswood and Kelvindale cut off from Hyndland and Hillhead by any direct public transport link.

The Kelvindale Community Council, alongside a cross-party coalition of city councillors, MSPs, and MPs, fought against these changes but First Bus went ahead with its plan.

However, in November of last year, they agreed to a six-month trial of a replacement service, the M4, which linked Anniesland and Kelvindale to Partick Station.

Bill Kidd, MSP for Anniesland:

“Preliminary steps have begun in determining whether this change will be officially accepted.”

Unfortunately, the trial period is due to end in May, and First is considering axing it.

In a letter seen by The Evening Times, First said: “Given the continued significant low use of the service, it seems very likely that the service will be deregistered and discontinued following the deregistration period (10 weeks).”

They have not, at this time, given SPT their notice of intention, which would initiate that 10-week process.

Bob Doris, MSP for Maryhill and Springburn, had completed a parliamentary consultation on the local bus services, but was still in the process of arranging a meeting with First Bus when he read of their intention to axe the service.

He said: “That is a premature decision by First Glasgow and I have urged them to reconsider.

"Given around 400 constituents have contacted my office sharing their views on how the route could be improved I would hope the company will engage in a meaningful way.”?

While the changes to the 94 route would be welcomed by residents of Knightswood, the proposal is not without flaws.

Mr Doris observed that the M4 only had an hourly frequency, a timetabling he described as “fragile.”

The 94, as it currently stands, would have the same problems: it is also an hourly service and doesn’t run at night.

The last bus leaves Maryhill at 6.30pm.

Mr Kidd has said that there will be “a public consultation in the weeks and months ahead to assess the need for this route.”

People of Knightswood should get involved and make their needs known to their elected representatives.

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