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Keeping up standards … Maryhill goes in search of its own flag to fly with pride

People are being asked to get their thinking hats on with only 10 days before submissions have to be in.

A competition has been launched to design a flag for Maryhill.

People are being asked to get their thinking hats on and there's only 10 days before submissions have to be in.

The search for a civic standard to fly over the historic former burgh was launched last month.

A community organisation has teamed up with heraldic watchdogs The Court of Lord Lyon and the Flag Institute to create the emblem.

Local schools, individuals are invited to take part and a judging panel includes actor Jane McGarry who played Isa Drennan in the BBC Scotland comedy series Still Game and comedian Janey Godley.

Along with the Flag Institute and the Lyon Court, the panel will decide a shortlist of designs that will go to a public vote.

'Sense of character'

The shortlisted designs will all be drawn to the same standard before the public votes.

The 'Flag for Maryhill' competition has been organised by Maryhill Burgh Halls.

Its website says the search "will bring our community together to reflect on our history and look to our future, creating a symbol which represents Maryhill as a proud part of Glasgow with its own unique sense of character.

"The flag will be free to use and available to all."


Entrants are asked to give their designs some serious thought.

People should take in to account some key principles and adhere to Flag Institute design guidelines.


Some basic principles of flag design are …

* Keep it Simple - the flag should be simple enough that a child can draw it from memory

* Use meaningful symbolism - the flag's elements, colours, or patterns should relate to what it will represent

* Try to use two to three basic colours - use colours that contrast well and come from the standard colour set

* Don't use lettering or seals - writing and other intricate detail is difficult to see at a distance

* Be distinctive - avoid duplicating other flags or borrowing their designs

* How will it fly in the wind? - remember, the design must be distinctive when flying on a high pole

* Borrow from the past - entrants can look to Maryhill's heritage for inspiration


Further information, downloadable competition packs can be found at www.maryhillburghhalls.org.uk or by emailing: info@mbht.org.uk


Useful Links

• Court of the Lord Lyon: http://www.courtofthelordlyon.scot/

• Flag Institute: http://www.flaginstitute.org

• Heraldry Society of Scotland: http://www.heraldry-scotland.co.uk/

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