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Eusebi's told to remove its dining boxes following objections

Glasgow city council ruled the covered boxes did not comply with emergency Covid regulations.

Eusebi’s has been told to remove its controversial outside 'dining boxes' after a raft of objections.

Glasgow city council has instructed the Park Road restaurant to dismantle the structures as soon as possible.

The authority ruled the covered boxes did not comply with emergency Covid regulations.

It said they were too big and couldn't be classed as temporary.

It has, however, said the restaurant can make use of the space for tables and chairs that can be stored away at night.

Eusebi’s said the structures were needed to keep money coming in and staff employed.

They secured permission to use an outside area in front of the premises last year.

The business said they were temporary but would be needed for some months to generate badly-needed income.

But the city council said the structures that eventually appeared went beyond what was allowed.

It is understood more than 50 objections were raised locally to the dining structures. 

Charing Cross Housing Association and Woodlands & Park Community Council were among the organisations that objected.

Eusebi's outside dining pods
Eusebi's outside dining pods

Local residents claimed Eusebi’s had failed to consult with them about the plans.

They said the structures were an intrusion and would increase noise and disturbance.

Further objections were raised about the impact on pedestrians and cyclists.

The loss of parking bays was an issue for local people.

Eusebi’s was informed of the decision this afternoon. The structures were put in place last month but have remained empty pending a ruling by the city council.

'Without warning'

A council spokesman said: “We have been carefully considering a retrospective request for permission from Eusebi’s after they installed their structures on Park Road without prior warning.

“These structures have presented us with problematic issues in relation to planning functions, building standards and permission to occupy space on public roads.

“The structures cannot comply with the standard rule for outdoor hospitality areas that requires street furniture to be removed at the end of each day. 

“The structures are also excessive in size and are not what would be generally understood to be temporary in nature.  

“We have also received a substantial number of representations from residents, organisations and other representatives from the local community, which raised serious concerns which we could not ignore.

“The council has been doing everything it can to support businesses over the course of the pandemic and has sought to be as reasonable as possible at all times.

“However, given all the factors under consideration, we cannot accept that the structures can remain in place and have indicated to the premises that they should be removed.

“The premises can continue to use to the road space they currently occupy for a temporary outdoor area, subject to the usual conditions attached to permission to use road space as a hospitality area.”

Eusebi’s has been approach for a comment.

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