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Parents say 'eviction' threat hanging over Hyndland school janitor is now resolved

School janitor told he can stay in school flat until suitable alternative accommodation is found after protests from parents.

A popular school janitor has been given assurances over his future accommodation after he was told he would have to move out of his tied flat two weeks before Christmas.

Hyndland Primary School Parents Council said the matter involving Joe Cameron had now been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Joe - or 'Janny Joe' as he has been fondly known by generations of pupils, teachers and parents at the primary school - retired last month after 37 years' service in Glasgow's schools.

For the last 21 years he and his family have occupied a two-bedroomed tied-flat on the lower ground floor of the Fortrose Street building.

Following an appeal to the city's education services chief Maureen McKenna, the situation appears now to have been clarified and assurances given on both sides.

John Lewis, chair of the parent council, said everyone was happy for now with the way the situation had been resolved.

He said: "The council has provided Joe with suitable assurances in writing that he won't have to leave by the Notice to Quit date, as well as confirming that they'll support him until suitable alternative housing is found.

"They have also agreed to look at productive education uses for the flat after Joe and Susan have left, which, if it transpires, will ensure the flat doesn't get boarded up and fall into disrepair through disuse."

Last week, the school's parent council accused the local authority of failing to help find the couple suitable alternative accommodation in the area.

Glasgow City Council was also happy to clarify the situation surrounding Joe and the flat that he and his wife Susan will be vacating.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “The couple are not being evicted or made homeless – the tied house was part of the janitor’s employment contract and now that he is no longer an employee he cannot stay in the house which is part of the school building.

"He asked for a notice to quit to assist him with his housing application."

She added: “We have been, via Cordia, supporting the family to explore alternative options. Joe has known that this would be the situation since he moved into the house.

“We will continue to help the family identify alternative accommodation – as we do with any janitor who is retiring.

“The accommodation is not separate from the school – part of the fabric of the building and it will not be left vacant – in other situations we have used the space for after school clubs, a nursery base, or additional general purpose rooms for the school.”

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