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Three West End schools targeted by petty thieves in a spate of late-night break-ins

Forensic tests are being carried out at the three schools in a bid to catch the intruders.

A spate of break-ins has caused damage and disruption at three schools in the West End.

Intruders struck first at Broomhill Primary School on Randolph Road on Saturday May 13.

They smashed windows and stole property from inside the building.

Next, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School on Mitre Road in Scotstoun was targeted on Monday May 15.

Fire doors at the school were forced open and several rooms entered.

It is not clear if any property was taken but damage was caused during the break-in.

Jordanhill School on Chamberlain Road was entered overnight Monday night and Tuesday morning.

A window was smashed at the canteen to get into the building.

Windows smashed

Once inside, it seems the intruders took various items.

Police can't say if the break-ins are linked but the incidents appear very similar.

All the break-ins took place out of school hours - between 11pm and 3am.

A police spokesman said: "We are appealing for information and asking the public to be vigilant.

"We are going to be carrying out forensic tests at all the schools.

Forensic tests

"Specialist teams have also been set up to take this investigation on."

Broomhill Primary and St Thomas Aquinas school come under the authority of Glasgow city council.

A council spokeswoman said: "It's such a shame that people have targeted these schools, causing damage and disruption.

"Anyone with any information on the break-ins should contact their local police office."

Police can be contacted on 101.

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