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Video: How top illustrator Libby Walker captured spirit of her new West End base

Top illustrator Libby Walker opens new shop in West End district of Finnieston where she draws inspiration from streets and people.

Documenting modern life is challenge enough.

But when the locale you choose is one of the fastest-moving city districts in Scotland it is even more demanding.

So top illustrator Libby Walker found out when she recently opened a shop in the fashionable West End area of Finnieston.

Watch: Libby Walker talks about her work and new shop in Finnieston.

The bars and cafes along Argyle Street top the list of places to eat out and drink in the UK.

Libby has set up a new base in the Hidden Lane complex of boutique shops and studios off the main thoroughfare.

She wanted to mark her move with a special print of the local street scene.

But so many new bars and cafes were opening she found it difficult to keep pace with the constant change.

Prints: Libby works from her open studio as well as selling prints and designs to the public.

"I decided to do a print inspired by Finnieston. I started it, it took me a week of constantly drawing every day.

"By the end of the week, what I had drawn at the beginning of the week had changed.

"So much was changing in Finnieston - shops were getting new paint jobs, new signs, new plants outside shops.

"New places opening, places closing - and that was just within a week.

"I wanted to capture the vibrant spirit of Finnieston and it was a good opportunity to get the businesses here to know that I am here and to work within the community."

She officially launches her new open studio and shop with a sale event on Friday August 5 alongside Shona Jewellery which occupies an adjacent unit.

Boutiques: Libby Walker is based in The Hidden Lane just off Argyle Street in Finnieston.

It is an exciting time for the much-sought-after illustrator who has done commissions for high-end perfume houses Jo Malone and Estee Lauder, and a string of local chains and organisations.

She says she is happy to be working in Glasgow and Scotland where she draws her inspiration.

"In the past it used to be that you had to move to London, get an agent, go around with a portfolio to all the studios, and knock on doors etc.

"Now with the internet, it is so much easier. I can now work wherever I want to, which is one of the delights of what I do.

"So a lot of things that I have done have come from businesses in Glasgow, and then because of online presence I have picked up some work from London as well.

"I do want to focus towards the retail and business side of things, being in control of that and creating a product I can sell.

"This is why this shop in Finneston is a step towards that."

Inspiration: Libby says she wants to showcase good design and illustration to people who come to Scotland.

She added: "I draw my inspiration from living in Scotland, and I draw it from wanting to create a souvenir for tourists that isn't something that you would see on the Royal Mile, which I walked past everyday for four years when I studied there.

"I want to showcase quality design in Scotland and what that can be. Living in Glasgow and the Scottish people is what inspires me."

She said: "I do like capturing a lot of detail in my pieces because I like the idea of someone having it on their wall and then looking at it again weeks later and seeing something they hadn't noticed before.

"That's my style and I really enjoy it."

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/libbywalkerillustrator/

And https://www.facebook.com/Shona-Jewellery-185837569260/

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