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Video: Hyndland may have to put up with car parking zone 'overspill' for 18 months

Local councillor Tony Curtis has written to households in Hyndland to update them on the roll-out of restricted parking zones (RPZ).

Residents in Hyndland and surrounding areas have been told that parking may get worse before it gets better.

Hyndland along with Hughenden and West Dowanside is already seeing the knock-on effect of restrictions brought in in neighbouring areas.

Local councillor Tony Curtis has now written to households to update them on the roll-out of restricted parking zones (RPZ).

And Tony warns that it may be 18 months before the Hyndland area gets its own restrictions to combat commuter parking.

But one way of speeding up the process, and cutting down on the hassle, he suggests, would be for residents to let the scheme come in swiftly by not making too many complaints.

Only elected as a Tory councillor for the ward in May, Tony writes: "A number of residents … have contacted the city council to raise their concerns over the significant amount of parked cars that are coming into the area as a means to join up travel, and are parking in areas that as of yet are not restricted.


"I completely understand that residents are angered by what seems like a lack of action by the council.

"I can see how it looks, that other areas are having RPZs implemented and that is inadvertently pushing additional parked traffic into the area.

"What we are faced with is a process that by law must be undertaken for the Dowanhill West, Hyndland and Hughenden RPZ to be cleared to be implemented.

"…If all residents can get behind the scheme and offer limited objections, then the process may conclude closer to 12 months than 18."


Watch: Cllr Tony Curtis updates residents on the rollout of restricted parking zones.

Speaking to Glasgow West End Today later, Tony added: "I think a lot of residents in this area think it is a good scheme, and they want it to be brought forward as soon as possible.

"Unfortunately, there is some legislation that we need to follow first of all in order to implement that scheme."

Restrictions to curb commuter parking are being introduced across the West End in phases.

Byres Road and Dowanside East came into effect in March and Partick is about to go live shortly.

The measures have received a mixed response in different areas.


Some say asking residents to pay £50 for a permit that doesn't even guarantee a space is unfair.

Meanwhile business owners along Byres Road have been angered by the £700 cost of business permits.

But residents have told other websites that the changes have eased congestion and parking problems.

Introducing the measures in phases, however, will put the squeeze on Hyndland and surrounding areas.

"Unfortunately we have to have this pincer movement - we can't come into the whole ward at the same time.

"We don't have the resources to do it - and it would have a massive knock-on effect in terms of parking throughout the whole of the West End.

"So by doing it in a pincer movement, it seems to be the best option available."

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