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Video: The Partick learning hub where fun and friendship are the common language

Language learning hub in Partick is extending its services to adults and parents who want to learn another tongue in a relaxed and fun way.

For the last five years, it has been teaching children languages in a fun and engaging way.

And since it moved to its new home in Keith Street, Partick, The Language Hub has been growing children's language confidence in a relaxed, friendly space.

Now the community interest company set up by director Michele Gordon is offering adults the same kind of experience.

Watch: The Language Hub has been teaching children languages for five years.

From next month, adults who want an informal introduction to language learning can take up lessons at the centre.

Michele explains: "We have had regular enquiries from adults who can't seem to find what they want at the traditional language schools.

"There, you usually book classes over a period of sixteen weeks, once a week for three hours, which usually aim at reaching a certain level because people need it for their work, or they need it to go to university etc.

"And there are quite a few people out there who do not necessarily require this.

Tongue: The Language Hub caters for bi-lingual children and their families.

"They would rather do something because they like socialising; they like to meet people with similar interests; and they are not necessarily interested in achieving certain levels or being absolutely fluent in it.

"So we will try to offer a programme for adults that's more suitable to really individual needs as best as we can.

"We will have classes that are smaller, not more than ten to 12 people in a class.

"They'll be, price wise, a little cheaper than your usual.

"And we will try to engage as individually as we can in a group of adult learners."

Learning: Children are taught in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The Language Hub provides a flexible approach which caters for individual needs and applies fun and interactive methods to create the biggest enjoyment from learning a new language.

According to its website, it offers classes for anyone wanting to learn a new language between "the ages of 6 months and 99 years".

Michele says: "This is our fifth year. Before we moved into these premises two years ago we had, predominantly, families with children who were looking for their children to learn some language - because they like to go on holiday, they have family, or for job advantages for their children.

"But since opening the Hub we have certainly an increase in the bilingual support side of things.

"But I do feel now that people think they can go somewhere, that there is a place where they feel people understand what it's like having maybe two different cultures, two different languages."

Resources: The Language Hub has books in many languages for sale.

She said the hub had also become a focus for parents and adults from different backgrounds to socialise.

"It also has accelerated the interaction between people from certain language backgrounds.

"We have parents now sitting here, meeting here, and engaging outside the hub which is really nice to see."

For more information visit: http://www.thelanguagehub.co.uk

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