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Video: "We can't keep West End clean without the public's help" - city taskforce

Volunteers are praised for making a difference to the cleanliness of the city's streets.

The West End's streets and lanes need volunteers like you, is the message from the city's new Environmental Task Force.

Michael Hamilton, a senior officer who oversees an army of citizen street cleaning volunteers, said he would welcome more people to come forward to keep areas clean.

Glasgow is sometimes criticised by residents for the state of some of its public spaces and streets.

Watch: Volunteers are vital to keeping Glasgow tidy, says taskforce.

But Michael Hamilton told Glasgow West End Today that it was not possible for the council to keep on top of the litter problem without the help of residents.

He looks after the 700 Neighbour Improvement Volunteers who give up their time to keep the areas where they live tidy.

"Our Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers play a vital role in improving the area where these people live.

"Some of our volunteers maybe do one hour a month, some do 16 hours a month, it's whatever time they have available or they think they can give.

"We need our volunteers to help clean our streets because the council can't be everywhere all the time.

"So when the council's statutory services aren't there the volunteers look after their wee bit.

"It's like looking after the inside of your house; the volunteers are doing their bit to look after the outside of their house.

"If people are coming to visit them, they want people to see a clean neighbourhood where they live."

The message came as council leaders hailed the first few months of the new Environmental Taskforce.

Since June, the taskforce has cleared almost 700 tons of rubbish and removed 12,500 sqm of graffiti from across the city.

Twenty-one rapid response teams have been cleaning Glasgow communities - responding to environmental issues reported by the public via new dedicated social media channels.

The public has made almost 4000 instant, on-the-spot requests for the response teams to react via new Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The council says information submitted by the public is immediately dispatched to local area teams for swift action.

For example, in the North East area, 96% of all jobs were completed within 12 hours - a vast improvement on previous response times.

Councillor Frank McAveety, Glasgow City Council Leader, met city residents at 16 Taskforce roadshow in libraries across the city.

Councillor McAveety said: "The Task Force has had a hugely positive impact since it was launched and has been well received by Glasgow residents.

"This is a partnership between the council and Glasgow's residents. Together we can make a vast difference to our city's appearance and the contribution of the Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers is invaluable.

"We all love Glasgow and want it to look its best. I'm really encouraged by the successful start to this revolutionary new approach to cleaning up the city and would like to thank everyone who has played a part.

You can also use the MyGlasgow app or phone 0300 343 7027.

Anyone keen to become a Neighbourhood Volunteer should also use the social media channels.

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