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Property talk.  Picture: Image: Canva
Property talk.Image: Canva

How to perfect your property search

5 tips to sharpen up your home-hunting skills

Searching for a property can be daunting at the best of times.

And in our current climate with prices hitting record highs and supply still outstripping demand, even the most experienced buyer can feel apprehensive.

Take on board these 5 tips and your search will go from stressful to successful in no time.


1. Be ready

West End properties are moving fast. Make sure you have everything lined up including a solicitor and mortgage in principle, so you are ready to make your best offer as soon as a property ticks all your boxes.


2. Know your non-negotiables

Often couples come to their search with different priorities, leading to drawn out discussions and delays when deciding to make an offer. Take time before searching to agree a short list of non-negotiables to help make the filtering process much smoother. Examples of these could be: detached property, ensuite bathroom, south-facing garden, outdoor space, downstairs bathroom, garage, parking space, close to amenities/ transport links, storage space, double glazing etc.


3. Be ruthless

Before booking any visits, make sure you filter properties thoroughly online. We are all about the feel of a property but that short list of non-negotiables is there for a reason. Making sure you only visit properties you could really live in, will free up time for more online searching, which will lead you to your ideal property.

4. Prepare and take your time

Before visiting a property, make a list of questions and make sure to ask the agent them all! When you are in the property don’t rush, take time to walk through the rooms and explore the property, alone if possible, to really get a feel for the place.


5. Be bold

In today’s market when you know you want a property, move fast and place a strong offer. If you are meticulous in your planning and put down your best offer you have a good chance of securing the property of your dreams.

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