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Event packages   Picture: Canva
Event packages Canva

Advertise your event in print and online

Reach more people in the West End of Glasgow

Events are the lifeblood of any city, whether exhibitions, concerts, markets or fairs.

That’s why we want to help organisers reach more people in the West End.

And we want to use our new print magazine and our unrivalled social media audience to do that.

We print 10,000 magazines and distribute across the West End.

We even deliver 3,000+ direct to people’s doors - a service which puts us above other platforms.

Social media

That’s print, so what about social media?

Well, we simply have the largest following focused on the West End by a long shot.

Events are the lifeblood of any city
Events are the lifeblood of any city

Just now across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that’s 50,000 followers.

What’s more, that audience is organic and real.

Why? Because it has been gathered through hard work: creating original, targeted online content and unparalleled engagement.

Check out our engagement on Twitter. We have liked 132k posts and we retweet around 70 posts every week.


We reckon that’s 20,000 retweets since we started.

All those figures explain why our audience is a good size but also (more importantly) why it is more engaged and relevant than most.

When we share West End content it travels to the people who care.

That’s why we think our Event Advertising packages work for people who want to reach a West End audience.


How our packages work

We can be flexible how we share your event.

We share in print first and then share on our social media, or the other way round.

The ad that we run in the magazine will be used for the social media postings.

Half page packages will need to include two sizes of ad to work for print and online. (Sizes can be supplied on request)


Quarter Page -

  • Price - £125 or £150
  • Quarter page advert in 10,000 print copies of the magazine (single issue)
  • Two or Three social media actions (tweet + Instagram-Story)

Half page -

  • Price - £250 or £270
  • Half page advert in 10,000 print copies of the magazine (single issue)
  • Five or Six social media actions (tweet, retweet, Instagram Story + Facebook Story)


All prices are subject to a 10% discount which is currently running.

Note, all packages are print AND online. There is no ‘just print’ or ‘just online’ option.

We think bringing the two together makes our targeted local reach exceptional and cost effective.

More about our advertising packages

Full page adverts are reserved for multiple listings and festival event programmes.

Note: All prices above are based on artwork being supplied. An additional charge would apply if you want us to create your artwork

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