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Small ads and our new page  Picture: Glasgow West End Today
Small ads and our new pageGlasgow West End Today

Take out a small ad for £45

Budget package will help more partners get seen

Small ads are an effective way to reach a local audience.

And Glasgow West End Today has launched a new page to help more businesses.

Ads will appear in the print edition of our new magazine which is distributed across the West End (10,000 copies).

The mini-adverts will also appear in the digital edition of each issue which is published on the Issuu platform.


The cost of the new package is just £45 (VAT is not charged, and that is the price you pay).

How the page will look
How the page will look

Ads measure 42mm x 58mm.

The cost of the artwork is included in the price.

We can accept submitted designs if the work is to a suitable standard.


The ads are aimed at smaller trades, artists and organisations who want a wide local reach.

Only nine ads can fit on a page.

Quarter page advert are available on other pages for £135 (price includes 10% discount)

If you take the metric that 3.5 people see each copy of our magazine, then the readership is 35,000 … local people.

Get in touch if you are interested in taking out a space.

NOTE. A launch promotion is currently running with ads reduced to £20 for their first run.


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