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Bird flu detected at Bingham's Pond

Signs say keep dogs on a lead and don't feed the birds

Diseased trees felled in Kelvingrove Park amid safety concerns

Council says it may have to fell 31,000 trees over the next few years

'I never thought I would need my First Aid training'

Victoria Crane reacted instinctively to the unfolding drama

No entry to Kelvingrove Park for anyone carrying alcohol this Friday, says council

Council staff, with support from Police Scotland, will be stationed at the gates to make sure booze is not being brought into the park.

Entrances close as council cracks down on anti-social visitors to Kelvingrove Park

Public resources have been stretched during lockdown with hundreds of people gathering in the park in warm weather.

Glasgow sunbathers see red over plans to levy 'taps aff tax' to help fund city's parks

Teams of specially-recruited wardens will tour the parks to collect the Parks In Sun & Heat charge.

Hayburn Park sings for its Big Lunch to celebrate rebirth as real community hub

A West End community has celebrated a new beginning for its local play park. Hayburn Park has been transformed thanks to the efforts of local people.

Video: Bake Off in the park … bread oven rises from ashes of Glasgow School of Art

The permanent communal bread oven in Garnethill Park in Glasgow will bake dough made by local residents in their own homes.

Video: Friends open house for lazy Sunday afternoon of music by the River Kelvin

The Friends of The River Kelvin are hosting an afternoon of music at their HQ at Ha'penny Bridge House this Sunday as part of the West End Festival.

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