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Finnieston, Yorkhill and Kelvingrove win £13m to create people-friendly streets

The announcement was made by the transport minister Michael Matheson at an event in Perth.

A West End community has scooped one of the biggest awards of its kind to make it easier to walk and cycle around the streets.

The Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village project has just won £6.5m in a competition run by the active travel charity Sustrans Scotland.

The announcement was made by the transport minister Michael Matheson on Wednesday.

 The windfall is set to transform the area
The windfall is set to transform the area

The funding is backed by the Scottish government and is now set to

be matched by Glasgow city council.

That means £13m should be available to transform the streets in one of Glasgow's most visited districts over the next few years.

Lee Grant, who was one of the team behind the bid, said the award was way beyond what volunteers had imagined winning.


"This investment in cycling and walking will totally transform the experience for residents and people who visit the area.

"The project has been created by local people, for all those living and working within Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston.

"Our aim is create Scotland's most accessible community. Not only for cyclists but also those with an impairment."

 Some of the supporters who backed the Yorkhill & Kelvingrove bid
Some of the supporters who backed the Yorkhill & Kelvingrove bid

The project will create segregated cycle lanes linking three National Cycle Routes.

New crossing points, more dropped herbs, and tighter junctions to help reduce traffic speeds are part of the plans.

Roadspace will also be reprioritised to make cycling safer and more enjoyable.

Campaigners say, however, adequate parking will be retained to meet the area's needs.


Home to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and the Kelvin Hall, the area is one of the most visited destinations in Glasgow.

As part of the plans, trees, new seating, lighting and new footway surfaces will brighten up the look of the area.

A new mural trail that will celebrate the area's heritage is also planned.

A film was made as part of the bid.


Watch: Glasgow's Cycling Village project

Lee said: "Following this announcement our team of volunteers is energised to work with local residents, housing associations and businesses to create a detailed planned.

"We would encourage all those who live or work within Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston to share their thoughts and needs to help us create a community fit for the 21st Century."

The West End project is one of two successful Glasgow bids under the Places For Everyone programme.

Glasgow City Council’s Glasgow Avenues PLUS project is to receive £19m.

Grace Martin, director at Sustrans Scotland, said: “We’re all changing the way we think and act to get from A to B.

“Much of this step change is as a result of society becoming more aware of the effects of carbon emissions, but it’s also steeped in people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and become more active.

“Places for Everyone is focused around empowering communities to help make this step change easier by ensuring we have the right provisions and infrastructure in place so that journeys made by foot or bicycle are safer.”

Wendy Shaw, chair of Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council said: “We are incredibly proud that we have been successful.

“All the dedication and hard work of our volunteers has paid off.

“To be the first community led bid has been an experience and we have all learnt so much, it's not been easy but our success shows what can be achieved by a community working together.”

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